TCS distributes the Nideka range of manual clocks.


The TIMMY series is the basic manual clock which features a perpetual calendar and a automatic month-end adjustment.


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Download the TIMMY brochure (1.9 MB)


Download the NIDEKA T 7 B Broshure (2.0 MB)


Job Costing:  The Nideka AP-20 is a time stamp numbering machine.  Accurately record time, date and job numbers on your clock cards.


Download the AP-20 brochure (2.0 MB)

Clock Cards

TCS has its own printing department and has specialized in printing clock cards for the past 25 years. We print clock cards for all standard time recorders and can print customized clock cards to suit your requirements.  Clock cards are printed in one of seven colours.

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Guard monitoring system

Monitor your guards’ movements day and night. 


Install monitoring points around your site.  As your guards patrol they will ‘clock’ on these points using a baton.  The date and time on which each point was visited are recorded and is available in a report.


Setup patrol routes and draw exception reports on missed points or excessive delays.


No cabling is required.  It’s quick and easy to setup and the hardware is durable and weatherproof.


Download the Guardlog brochure (1.8 MB)